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Sky Blue Construction is a rising name in the construction industry of Canada, breaking barriers with our forward-thinking approach and focus on dedication, innovation, clear communication and exceeding the expectations of our clients. As a general contractor, our scope has been broad enough to deliver high-performing commercial structures and smart healthcare facilities alongside well-built residential structures that promise longevity and trust.

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We Excel in Building Safe Environments

As a general contractor with vast experience in the professional, commercial and residential avenues, we have broadened our scope over time to specialize in healthcare construction and radiation shielding solutions.

Today, we are pioneers in helping facilities comply with the strictest safety regulations and requirements whether it be medical clinics, hospital projects or nuclear facilities.

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General Contracting

We are a multi-faceted general contracting construction firm that holds and nurtures resources, equipment and tech to execute a wide array of construction projects.

Healthcare Construction

Healthcare facilities have special requirements at every step of the project in both the design and construction phases. Our experience in successfully building controlled environments and installing radiation shielding in a multitude of facilities with sensitive demands give us the edge in understanding the healthcare industry and delivering on its demands.

  • Dental X-Ray Suites
  • MRI & Brachytherapy Enclosures
  • PET CT Scanner
  • Smart Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hospital Renovations & Additions

Commercial Construction

Cost-effectiveness and feasibility are outstanding key factors in the success of commercial construction projects. Our qualified team of dedicated engineers and craftsmen ensures timely handovers and budget control to maximize profits in commercial projects with proven processes, clear communication and the dedication to deliver on our commitments.

  • Hypermarkets, Shopping Malls
  • Industrial Structures
  • Hospitality
  • Institutional Buildings & Facilities

Residential Construction

We have a spotless track record for flawless execution and smooth handovers that have made real estate holders and investors all over Canada trust the name of Sky Blue Construction with their investment. We can turn your dream home into a reality with turnkey solutions, smart MEP planning, tasteful architecture and interior design,

  • Low-Rise Apartments, Duplexes & Villas
  • Turnkey Construction Solutions
  • Durable Materials
  • High-Quality Finishing
  • High Curb Appeal

New-Age Construction Contractors

We Can Help You Develop Your Vision

We have a habit of keeping our record pristine, minimizing work orders, maximizing cost-efficiency, and transparency across the board. We believe clear and open communication from step one is crucial to any project’s success. Let’s start that chain of communication today.

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Let Sky Blue Construction help you execute your vision for the next building construction project. We have an edge in the market if it includes a facility that employs medical imaging technology or handling and containment of radioactive material. Let us help you make more informed decisions.

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