Nuclear Shielding Services

Ionizing Radiation Protection

Ionizing Radiation Shielding for Construction. Radiation shielding construction materials are made from solid lead or contain a layer of laminated lead sheeting to stop the penetration of harmful radiation.

Cyclotron Doors

The bunker door, especially designed for hot shielded cyclotron, consists of a steel formwork entirely filled with a concrete or barytic concrete casting. The movement is operated by a wheel system connected to the electric gear motor. The motor is controlled by an inverter that ensures a mild and linear operation, with acceleration and deceleration ramps.

Linear Accelerator Doors

Maximum radiation protection on linear accelerator therapy, Durable, maintenance-free hinge system, Decorative and modern design, Space-saving, Easy configurable operating parameters, Easy maintenance, High safety standards for the user and patient safety, Pressure-sensitive leading edges and BEA presence sensors, User-friendly automatic operation with PLC controller, Partial open-close system, Custom design for meeting your requirements

Borated Polyethylene

Borated HDPE (High density polyethylene) is a product specially designed for nuclear shielding applications. The material employs 5% Boron by weight to shield neutrons in a variety of applications including high intensity X-rays, cancer treatment facilities, hospitals, nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants.

Brachytherapy Enclosures

HDR Enclosures For Brachytherapy, NELCO. The highest level of safety and security allows you and your patients to experience true confidence and a stronger sense of calm. In high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy, a high-energy radiation source is placed immediately adjacent to or directly within the tumor site.

Lead Lined Doors

Our design and constructed full line of high-quality lead lined doors and frames can achieve effective radiation protection. These openings accomplish the important task of reliably containing radiation in sensitive areas. These types of doors are perfect for meeting radiation-proof requirements in aerospace facilities, microwave transmission rooms, X-ray, imaging rooms, nuclear power plants, and security environments.

Lead Vaults and Containers

Lead storage containers can be used to store and transport radioactive material. The standard outside and inside finishing is coated lead so there is no exposure to the lead by personnel. A stainless steel finishing is also available to provide a stronger housing.

Demountable Radiation Shielding Enclosures

The use of shielded enclosures (fixed facilities), with effective safety devices, significantly reduces any radiation exposures arising from the work.

Portable Shielding Barriers

This portable, full-body radiation barrier for protection against radiation has a protection area of 72” tall x 34” wide. Specifically designed for shielding in medical settings.

Nuclear Shielding

Nuclear Shielding for Construction. Nuclear shielding construction materials are made from solid lead or contain a layer of laminated lead sheeting to stop the penetration of harmful radiation. We provide shielded building materials for medical, nuclear, and other industries requiring Nuclear shielding.

NMR Magnet Shielding

NMR shielding is used in many types of medical devices to prevent equipment malfunction or anomaly from electrical, magnetic, or radiofrequency signal interference, and thereby, promote patient safety and reduced healthcare costs

Cantruss Longitudinal Rail Structures

Professional Attenuating Calculations